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Your Guide on How Antenna Installation Works

Three Simple Steps We Take to Install Your Free Television.

Step 1

Mount and Position
the Antenna

Our technician will begin by mounting the antenna on your roof, fascia or in the attic. Antennas are always secured using the right specialist tools and hardware, ensuring weather resistance and optimal functionality.

Step 2

Make the Junction
Box Connection

Next, we run a cable from the newly fixed antenna to the outside junction box or basement homerun in order to send antenna signals to all TV sets within the home. We also add splitters, extra lines, and other details if necessary. The system is properly grounded to local code.

Step 3

Perform a Channel Scan

We ensure all your TVs are connected to a functional coax outlet using quality copper cables for superior reception. Then we check the number of channels and signal strength to find out if a signal booster might be helpful. There is never an up-charge to make the system work correctly the first time. You will know what the price is before we start.

If you have any questions on how antenna installation works, please reach out to us today.

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