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Get My Free TV uses a high quality antenna manufactured by the top antenna maker in the U.S. We DO NOT buy whatever is left over on a certain auction site just to save a few bucks. The antenna is designed for many years of outdoor use. It will withstand our harsh summer and winter. We use the latest technology low-profile antenna. We do not use those giant “yagi” antennas you often see on homes. If necessary, due to signal issues, we can use an alternate system that is also low-profile.

We place the antenna in a spot on your home where the reception is the best. We do our best to place it in an area of the roof where you will see it the least. We never place it on the front of the home where it is easily visible from the street.

The technician uses a special signal meter that scans all of the local frequencies and provides a signal analyses. We don’t guess and hope for the best. We will know how well you antenna will perform. Some areas may require a booster or tripod and mast. We will let you know right away if this is the case and advise accordingly.

No. We never place add “extra fees” onto the quote. The quote that you received is 100% accurate. The only possible variation on the original base quote is if the installation requires and amplifier or tripod and mast. However, this is always included with the base quote so there no guessing what the final price will be. Our technician will review the quote after the on-site inspection and signal analyses is performed. Based on our experience the addition of an amp, tripod or mast occurs less than 15% 0f the time.

Yes. Our antenna system is future-proof. It will receive all HD and future 4K signals.

First, the big box retailers do not employ communications experts with any level of experience whatsoever. Second, they will only install a small square antenna stuck to your window and hook up one TV if it close enough. They do not guarantee  reception. You can do this yourself. You don’t need to pay someone for basically nothing. We install a professional quality system that will send the signal to your existing home outlets. If you have an area of the home with no outlet we will install one for you.

We use broadband quality materials and UL rated grounding materials. This means that the cable is the highest quality available and will not deteriorate. The system will be properly grounded to the household electrical system. All grounding materials are approved by their respective electrical codes.

We try to book within seven calendar days. Demand sometimes exceeds calendar slots as we do not farm out the work to unknown subcontractors. You will always be kept in the loop and we will strive to work around your schedule.

We have the top warranty in the nation. Get My Free TV guarantees labor, materials and RECEPTION for five years. This is crucial as others may only guarantee materials. After one year if channels fade in and out you are on your own and are on the hook for a service call fee. We rarely get service calls because we know how to get it done right the first time. If something happens we are a phone call away. No hassle returns to fix issues. We respect your time and money.

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